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With a humble start in the year 1990 in the pink city of Jaipur. 

Mamus cafe was initially a tiny stall in front of a school. Now here's the origins of it; the owner had raw material left after a festival; seeing this his friends and family suggested that he should try to sell it, he did just that and it boomed. The quality of the products and the personal connect which was created among the customers quickly made mamus cafe ‘the hangout spot’ of jaipur. 

After this amazing success, Mr.ashwani joshi decided to scale it. He was always a food fanatic and loved to serve people. He wholeheartedly believed that the food industry was his calling and now he could see his dream manifest in front of his eyes. The tiny kiosk had changed to a big cafe. A vegetarian himself, he stayed true to his roots and always kept the place pure vegetarian. He made it a mission to provide the absolute best and purest vegetarian food possible; this sincerity of his turned mamus cafe into a heaven for the veg and attracted even the non veg. 

In 2013 he decided it was time for the next step in this amazing journey, the cafe had finally been upgraded to a fine-dining restaurant and the name changed from mamus cafe to mamus infusion the global veg kitchen. Impeccable quality, top notch service and a heartfelt connection with its customers has made mamus infusion into what it is today. 

Now it's time for the next step; the mission remains the same, provide the best possible and make it accessible, the vision has grown; now mamus infusion is aiming to go national with its products providing the same joy to everyone.

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